Biopic, History


Production year:
Director of Photography:
Ennio Guarnieri A.I.C.
Release date:
Philippe Richard
Biopic, History
Yves Langlois
Film director:
Josée Dayan
France, Russia
Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, Vladimir Mashkov…
International sales agent:
Europacorp, SOVTV Export / Roissy
Written by:
Vincent Fargeat et Philippe Besson


This film is the result of the old desire of Gerard Depardieu to play Rasputin, this ambiguous historic figure. Once historic archives revealed in Russia, one obtained an access to new details of the life of this notable hermit as well as to a new interpretation of the historic events of that epoch. We wanted to produce a film shot exceptionally in Russia adapted from a well-balanced script and without making any accent on the personages or on the history. Thanks to the cast talents and brilliant work of the director Josée Dayan, we produced a television film which was very warmly welcomed by the public and which later inspired a fiction film based on the same story.


The Russian Empire, 1905, Grigoriy Pasputin is recommended to the emperor’s family as a person who is able to cure Alexey, the only heir of Nicolas II of Russia, from hemophilia. Rasputin manages to heal Alexey, and after that Grigoriy acquires a reputation of a messiah in the palace in Saint Petersburg. Thus, the healer experiences luxury and debauch and constantly becomes a fingerer.